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Welcome to My Perfect Pop-Up Shop – your one-stop for pop-up!

Whether you’re a new brand looking to pop-up for the first time, an established business utilising pop-up in your marketing campaign, or a local authority wondering if pop-up might fit into your town centre plans – this is the place for you!

The phrase ‘Pop-Up’ is loosely defined as anything that isn’t permanent, but YOU are redefining the idea, turning it upside-down and inside-out with your amazing projects and ideas.

Pop-Up fits perfectly with our modern lifestyles – we get bored easily and we like pushing boundaries. With pop-up you can have a day, a week, a month, to get yourself and your products out into the world. Then you blink, and it’s gone.
Maybe you’ve gone somewhere else to repeat the magic, or maybe that day on the high street was the main event… According recent statistics over 3.5 million of you in the UK will utilise pop-up within your business plans in the next three years.

That’s a whole load of crazy, wonderful people out there ready to burst on the scene. We’re talking foodie vans, art galleries in rail stations, sidewalk artists, street festivals, high street shops, markets – if there is an empty space you’re taking it!

Check out our listings of Pop-Up Professionals, who are waiting to make your pop-up dreams a reality – business mentors to shopfitters, designers to promotional merchandise suppliers, event management to legal teams.

Perhaps you are a business mentor, or provide a service or product that would benefit our pop-uppers… Want to be featured in our Pop-Up Professionals? Contact us for more information >>

Get inspired by our Pop-Up TV Channel featuring amazing pop-ups from around the globe video and links back to YouTube Channel. We love to see your pop-ups so submit a short video, and you could get featured!

List your Pop-Up project for FREE! We are always delighted to encourage pop-up events and community spaces – if you are part of one and want to spread the word then find out more >>

Visit our Facebook page to chat online with other pop-ups. Exchange advice/ask for space/find shop sharers!

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How To… Price your Pop-Up Shop Products

How To… Price your Pop-Up Shop Products

 You can really go to town with your branding on price tags, but if you are on a budget stick to neat shaped brown or white card labels, punched with a shape (hearts/stars/balloons/faces) and tied with string or a coloured ribbon.


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