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Join the Pop-Up Squad

We’re always looking for driven, enthusiastic and communicative people to join our community and be a #PopUpSquad member.

If you would like to become more involved, want to work in a collaborative environment where opportunities are offered, skills are stretched and excellence is rewarded, you might be exactly what we’re looking for.

Have you got what it takes?

Who Makes the Squad?

People who stand out! Are you a little crazy, clever, innovative, and most of all, someone we would love to work with? We are currently looking for some overseas #PopUpSquad members as we are covering global pop-up. If you can help or you know of anyone then please feel free to send us  message through our contact page explaining why you think you/they deserve a place!


Can I use the MYPPUS logo?

YES! We would love for you to promote your affiliation! Display the logo on your website, in your email signature, or in your newsletter. You will receive a version of the MYPPUS logo, complete with a #PopUpSquad tag, which you are free to use on the above.


Do I Get Promo Literature?

Yes. You will each receive a pack of postcards with details of MYPPUS to distribute/display as you see fit. Don’t forget you can also use your MYPPUS #PopUpSquad logo on your own business cards/website if you wish!


I’m already a busy person. Will this take up all of my time?

No it won’t! We are aware that everyone is busy, but we hope that you will feel the benefits of being part of the #PopUpSquad to justify the input.


Can I Submit a Video for the MYPPUS TV Channel?

Of course! Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll send over the submission sheet. If you need someone to film it, we can recommend a reliable filmmaker!




As a member of the #PopUpSquad we ask for your support by contributing to any of the following:

Social Media Interaction

You must have at least 2 active social media channels ie. Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat/Tumblr/Instagram and be able to incorporate pop-up chat into them. When we have something wildly exciting to say, we will let you know, and you can mention it with #PopUpSquad. Equally for those of you winning awards/launching your own major pop-up projects, let us know and we can do the same.



My Perfect Pop-Up Shop is a global site, and we hope that by featuring a diverse and exciting range of pop-up professionals right here on the site, we can direct media searches to you. You must be able to utilise these enquiries to the best of your ability, and promote your role/business in the world of pop-up.


Contribute to the weekly blog and My Perfect Pop-Up Shop TV channel

You can do both/either and contributions can be once once every 6 months – just keep us updated. The TV Channel is especially useful for those with advanced pop-up projects who would like some extra publicity.


Attend the launch event/photoshoots

We know that people are busy so if this is not possible then you should support us via social media. Those who can’t make photoshoots high res pics as jpegs for inclusion in our marketing and advertising efforts.

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