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A BBC Pop-Up

A BBC Pop-Up

Not a shop, but we at My Perfect Pop-Up Shop, are loving this new initiative from the BBC. In a six month pilot scheme, the travelling news bureau relocated to a new town every month, bring local stories from local people, to the attention of a global audience.

The pop-up covered stories from the local areas where the team popped up, relying on crowd sourced suggestions from the community, and social media feeds. The intrepid band of journalists produced an amazing archive of stories, big and small, and but all totally relevant to the area they were in.

BBC Pop-Up produced a monthly half hour programme for BBC World Television, and the BBC News Channel, as well as dozens of shorter segments for BBC Online. The trip was an innovative, and attention-grabbing, way to bring news down the grassroots, and the team received dozens of story ideas at each destination.

As well as broadcasting the stories, the team documented their progress, trials and tribulations on a blog, and via Tumblr, experimenting with traditional documentary styles, as well as newer techniques. The two permanent members of the team were joined by five freelancers, all experts in video journalism – that is, where one person is responsible for the film from conception, and reportage, through editing, to producing a final piece.

The idea for the project came from the BBC Video Innovation Lab, a one year project headed by Matt Danzico, in collaboration with Benjamin Zand. As well growing the North American audience, the BBC Pop-Up wanted to tap into hyper-local stories – and what matters to people in their town. Surprisingly, what did matter to them, sometimes hadn’t been covered before at all, so breaking new ground, and giving new voices a chance to be heard became part of the project.

The BBC Pop-Up team also gave eighteen journalism workshops at US universities, and to give an idea of the workload involved, produced fifty-one online videos, and seven documentaries whilst the team travelled across nineteen US states. Pretty impressive!

You can view the entire trip via the BBC website, and follow September’s BBC Pop-Up adventures in Russia, as the crew travel the Trans-Siberian Railway, finding stories, from, you guessed it, local people, as they go.

Watch BBC Pop-Up here;

So what now for BBC Pop-Up? We think it’s obvious – send them ‘Around The World in Eighty Pop-Ups!’ We’ve discovered so many fascinating stories, and inspirational people so far, and we look forward to many more.

Pop-Up Tips To Takeaway;

  • Be different! Don’t be afraid to pitch and idea and follow through.
  • Have an adventure with your pop-up!
  • Never underestimate the importance of a good story, one that taps into local emotions and hearts.
  • My Perfect Pop-Up Shop has experienced first-hand the amazing work done by the BBC’s video journalists, as we hooked up with Alistair Fee hunting for local news stories in the South-East. Without the traditional studio and crew, today’s video journalists turn out thousands of incredible, professional, stories every week.
  • Featured Header Photograph Credit; Re;Start Mall, Christchurch, New Zealand 






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