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A Few Festival Pop-Ups (UK)…

A Few Festival Pop-Ups (UK)…

Summer is festival season in the UK, and with our good old British weather, you can pretty much guarantee the rain will be pouring down. But who needs sun when we have wellies, and these amazingly innovative pop-ups to keep you dry/warm/fed and even pampered!

This week we bring you – The Pop-Up Motel! Sister company to The Pop-Up Hotel, this deconstructed camping/glamping experience pops up at festivals and events, including Glastonbury.

From canvas bell tents, to Kushti Cabins, there is something for everyone, whether you love camping or really just want to savour the event atmosphere. As you would expect, The Pop-Up Motel also offers a range of food for hungry guests. This year at Glastonbury, there was some cracking street food from Crepe Beret, Eat The Smoke, Dorset Wood-Fired Pizza and the West Country Higgler.

With food, drink, and accommodation sorted, you can wander around the Pop-Up Motel and visit the Pop-Up Spa for a bit of hangover pampering. Milk_Shake teamed up with the Pop-Up Motel to offer beauty treatments, braids and blow drys for those who wanted the perfect (rain-soaked) celeb look.

Not forgetting the boys, there was also a pop-up barber on hand to trim and shave to perfection. Reuzel offered the finest in men’s grooming to all Motel guests before they headed out to the stage!

Pop-Up Tips to Takeaway;

  • Festivals are a perfect example of pop-up collaboration. Could your business fit in?
  • Think hard about your customer demographic, and constantly feed in new ideas and treats for them.
  • Be picky about who you pop-up with – other businesses should compliment your services and products.
  • Think outside the box – what can you offer that others can’t? If someone else is already doing it, do it your way!
  • If you want to join in, as a festival pop-up be warned – it is seasonal, and you need to make as much as possible during your ‘season’ so cover the rest of the year. Also, make sure you are wet weather compatible!
    Featured Header Photograph; My Perfect Pop-Up Shop

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