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A S’mores Pop-Up in Tokyo!

A S’mores Pop-Up in Tokyo!

When multi-award winning, and internationally renowned pastry chef and baker, Dominique Ansel decided to stage a pop-up in Tokyo, he already had the amazing platform of his New York success with the Dominique Ansel Bakery and the Dominique Ansel Kitchen.

The pop-up was held in the Shibuya Modi ‘smart mall’ and focused on American camping treats – S’mores and even stocked yet another new invention, S’more Cereal. The pop-up showcased exclusive treats not available at the existing Omotesando store. Fans were delighted by the Ultimate S’more creation, which built on the old favourite to combine a honey-filled marshmallow (roasted after the order is taken), sandwiched between cinnamon-flavoured speculaas cookies, with a brandy-scented chocolate ganache. The whole luscious creation is then topped with a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt.

For those wondering how to eat the treat, apparently you need to press down firmly to spread the filing, and take a big bite!

Just some of the delights of the existing menu/collection, have already become world famous, with Ansel scooping awards from both industry and entrepreneurial organisations. And the accolades are richly deserved, with items such as the Cronut (which is a croissant/doughnut hybrid and was invented by Ansel), Frozen S’more, Magic Soufflé, and Milk and Cookie Shots.

Photograph Credit; Dominique Ansel/Milk and Cookie Shots 

Pop-Up Tips To Takeaway;

  • Not all of us have that axe to wield, but this does show the power of international reputation, combined with a business-like approach can certainly appeal to innovative entrepreneurs of all genres.
  • Be innovative, be crazy, and creative!
  • Get a budget for the above.
  • Find your theme and stick to it. Ansel has so many amazing creations, but the success of his pop-up was partly due to focusing on one key element of his menu.
  • Enter business and industry awards to build your portfolio.
    Find out more;
  • Featured Header Photograph; Dominque Ansel/S’mores Cereal

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