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How To… Choose your Pop-Up Shop Shop-Sharers

How To… Choose your Pop-Up Shop Shop-Sharers

It seems like a great idea to spread the cost, responsibility and overall management of a pop-up shop by creating a team of like-minded business people. Just make sure you are all on the same page when it comes to the final plan…

Shop-sharing is an excellent way to get your product out onto the high street, and combining it with a an initial pop-up means that there is always the possibility of long term partnerships forming outside of your designated time in the shop.

There are a multitude of ways to shop-share;

  • Take shelf, rail, window or space in a shop.
  • Have a full share in a collaborative venture such as a gallery.
  • Work as a team with link-branded or compatible products.
  • Join a community shop-share.

Some of the above will work better for you, so at the planning stage take great care to select one based on your product, time, and objectives. There are a few obvious ‘marriages’ between products that work so well from a customer perspective;

  • Coffee/Tea and Cakes/Biscuits.
  • Clothes and Beauty/Skincare brands
  • Vintage Upcycled Furniture and Antique or Vintage –Inspired Homewares
  • Arts and Music
  • Crafts and Jewellery

Of course, less obvious matches, based merely on themes or interesting ideas, because of their incompatibility can work too. A few suggestions for themes;

  • Organic – this can tie in anything from juices, to crafts, to chocolate.
  • Fitness – bang on trend with sportswear, equipment, food, and drink.
  • Vintage – a wonderful theme for merchandising and window displays.
  • Sweet Stuff – sweets, chocolate and treats can be paired with appropriate homewares, extending the them to a luxurious treat-yourself retail space.
  • Kids – from baby upwards this is a winner in all areas.

However you decide to shop-share make sure you see the space before you commit and meet your ‘teammates’ or the overall shop owner. Everything needs to be discussed, down to keys, sales collections, marketing, and events you may want to hold during your shop-share. Do speak up for yourself and your product, and equally ensure you are happy to comply with contractual items.

You can find spaces to shop-share in all the major pop-up marketplace suppliers, but also try your local business networking groups, or if there is a branded shop you really admire, and can see your product doing well there approach the manager with a proposal.


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