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How To… Publicise Your Pop-Up Shop on Social Media

How To… Publicise Your Pop-Up Shop on Social Media

Social media at any time can feel like a pretty big mountain to climb for small businesses and start up entrepreneurs. Add that to your frantic preparation for your pop-up shop launch, and it is enough to have you reaching for your own handmade chocolates and eating all the stock (been there!).

It is a common myth that you can send out a single tweet, or put a post on social media, and customers will flock to your pop-up shop. If you are Kanye West this would probably work pretty well – and indeed does; just Google ‘Kanye West Pop-Up Shops’ and see what happens). But for those of us who aren’t famous, we have to rely on our omni-channel marketing, and our dubious pulling-people-off-the-street skills.

For social media, here are a few basic tips that will help get the word out in the most common social media channels;

  • Twitter – updates about your pop-up waaaaaay before it happens are great, and don’t forget to post pictures of the build up and final displays.
  • Facebook – run a few competitions to win vouchers/VIP tickets to the launch of your pop-up, and as with Twitter keep the updates coming. You might even inspire a few people to visit who are thinking of doing their own pop-up, and while they’re in the store they can buy a few of your fabulous products!
  • YouTube – great for posting videos of your build up, set up and the big day. Make sure you also post the links on your other social media sites. Videos are a good way to build up interest in your brand and more followers. You can do the videos on your phone or collaborate with a local filmmaker!
  • Snapchat – If you are already on it, use it to announce your pop-up, but don’t just set it up for your pop-up. You have enough to worry about, without adding another social media channel you may not be familiar with to the workload.
  • Pinterest and Instagram – good pics and amusing snippets. Again it helps if your brand is photogenic, or any sort of food!

If you have a blog, then increase your posts in the run up to launch date, and maybe keep an online diary of amusing happenings, or how much baking you had to do to get two hundred cupcakes ready for the pop-up.

Update your website and link to your social media accounts. It may seem at times that nobody is really that interested, but combine it with your other marketing activities and just an hour a day can be very beneficial.

Tell us about your pop-up and you could feature on our My Perfect Pop-Up Shop TV channel. Don’t forget, it is free to subscribe so join the pop-up revolution!

Try Hootsuite for professional social media posting;

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