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How to Successfully Pop-Down

How to Successfully Pop-Down

Just like popping up, you need to give some thought to the end phase of your pop-up – the pop-down.

In the excitement and sheer back-breaking hard graft of putting on your pop-up, it is easy to forget that you will, usually fairly soon depending on your contract, be moving out of your temporary home.


  • Ensure all the boxes and packaging you used to pop-up, are still in reasonable order, and ready to put stock, fittings and sundries back in for moving out. It is amazing how boxes seem to shrink, or develop holes during a pop-up…
  • If you have a shop-share, your stock and processions should be clearly marked, but double check your list, to make sure the only thing you have less of is (hopefully!) the stock you sold, and business cards and promo items happy customers have received.
  • Leave time, and extra bin bags, to take away the rubbish. Even if you have just popped up for a day, I guarantee your rubbish will have reached epic proportions.
  • Thank anyone involved, from staff, customers, the window cleaner, the man from the shop next door who helped out when you fell off the ladder… A little present, with a business card attached, is always a lovely, and much appreciated gesture.
  • Make sure book keeping is up to date, and all money divided.
  • Leave time to clean up your premises, and put right any minor damage, or return to original state.


  • Leave packing up until the last minute, when all your staff have departed.
  • Ignore everyone and depart a day early if you haven’t sold as much as you hoped, leaving everyone else to clean up.
  • Spread your processions outside of your shop/premises/area. Remember health and safety and observe local parking regulations.
  • Leave booking a window cleaner until the last minute – they are always busy.
  • Get into rows about lost money/lost stock/who Hoovers up the last particle of dust. Sort it out rationally and in the professional manner you hope to be remembered for.
  • Expect your landlord or marketplace provider to do any of the above. That is not their job.
  • Forget to take away your outside signage, any last minute items and forgotten children!

Finally, head home, unpack, grab a glass of wine, and fall into a frazzled heap on the sofa. You did it! Well done, and here’s to next time 😉

Featured Header Photograph Credit; Stef Lilley

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