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“I want to start a Pop-Up Shop in London next month – how do I do that?”

“I want to start a Pop-Up Shop in London next month – how do I do that?”


We actually had two emails with this same question, that popped into My Perfect Pop-Up Shop HQ last week, so Susie and Romina, this one is for you!

I still find that many smaller businesses are struggling when it comes to a starting point for a pop-up shop, so this is an absolute essential, basic ten point list to start anyone off on their pop-up journey. You can find more down-to-earth advice and listings of places to pop-up on our new website, which launches tomorrow (November 18th).

  • Do you have £100, £1000, £10,000? The amount you set aside for your pop-up experiment needs to cover everything, so set the budget and keep to it.
  • Why? What do you hope to achieve with your pop-up? Sales? PR? Brand awareness? New area trial? This will affect your choice of…
  • Local or distant? Why? Footfall – you need not just any footfall, but the right footfall for your product.
  • How do I find a place to rent for my pop-up shop? You can pop-up in your local market, speak to local landlords, join a community shop share/gallery, or go direct to a pop-up shop marketplace provider. If you are looking at fairly short notice, go for a space that is already ‘white-boxed’ – meaning you can move straight in, stick your branding up and unpack. For London spaces we recommend trying the following to kick-start your search;

  • Get Public Liability Insurance.
  • Contracts should be checked by a solicitor or your personal legal representative.
  • Book it. Dates for your pop-up – check seasonal fluctuations and see if they affect your product.
  • Gather stock, and promotional literature/ activate social media/ do press releases and move in.
  • Pop-Up! Remember; Positive Attitudes make Perfect Pop-Ups so unleash your customer service skills, show off your amazing product, and don’t be afraid to tell the world about your business.


Good Luck!

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