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We are all about helping smaller communities, whether they are city-based or way out in more rural areas, to join forces with shop share projects. This can be really beneficial for local economy, which is why you can list your local pop-up project here for free.

Don’t forget, if you are looking to pop-up in a specific area you can post on our Facebook page, or check our Pop-Up Professionals Directory for Marketplaces.

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Cobblestone Walk, Steyning, West Sussex

What’s on offer? Forward-thinking landlord offers monthly contracts in this small collection of eclectic units in a unique shopping arcade.

Is it for me? If you want an affordable longer pop-up, and are suited to a historic, small town setting. Units currently start at around £160 pcm. 


Park Mall, Ashford, Kent

What’s on offer? An independent Council-owned shopping mall, packed with unique businesses.

Is it for me? Everything is on offer, from promotional spaces, to vacant units, but do get in early. Duration varies – present your idea and see what happens. Ideal for those who are looking to progress into a slightly longer pop-up. Great backing from Kent Chamber of Commerce.

Cost on application. 


The Basic Life Charity, Felixstowe

What’s on offer? A group of innovative locals have set up a community pop-up in a redundant church. They sell food and clothes, which is donated by local supermarkets and stores.

Is it for me? Very much about making a difference, and helping the local economy, as well as addressing the issue of food wastage. Why not set up your own scheme in your area?

Cost on application, but check out their guide to starting your own food bank…


Dalegate Market, Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk

What’s on offer? Beautifully presented beach huts – up to four pop-ups are welcomed weekly, and a great mix of homewares, artisan products, food, and flowers.

Is it for me? Do check dates, as seasonal restrictions apply, but this is a lovely community opportunity, and very well advertised.

Cost on application.


Fargo Village, Coventry

What’s on offer? Well-run and packed with exciting tenants, this village offers pop-up spaces for food, coffee, art, and events.

Is it for me? Get in early, as there is usually a waiting list, but a great chance to join a successful regeneration project, that is really buzzing.

Price on application. 


Guildford Pop-Up Village, Guildford, Surrey

What’s on offer? A new scheme run by Guildford Borough Council to offer local businesses a chance to showcase on the rather expensive high streets of historic Guildford. Launches in November 2016. Over 35 pop-up spaces, plus events areas. An exciting project that will run for 3 years, and is built from shipping containers.

Is it for me? Get in early as we hear there is already a waiting list, especially for foodie based businesses. This one will be very popular. Perfect for emerging fashion, art, music, vintage, bookshops, top end homewares, fragrance, and green beauty.

Price on application.

Event Manager:


Pop Up Penzance, Cornwall

What’s on offer? A community group set up to address the regeneration of various areas of Penzance, and help local entrepreneurs to find a high street outlet for their products.

Is it for me? A lovely area to pop-up, and Pop Up Penzance are open to new ideas and proposals. If your pop-up is socially beneficial or a creative industry they may even be able to help with funding. Shop shares would be a good way to go with this one.

Costs approx £100 – £400 pw 



What’s on offer? A social enterprise that works to create opportunities for artists and creatives in Scotland.

Is it for me? Perfect for artists, writers, musicians hoping to take their work to a wider audience.

Costs vary depending on event.



Fillit, Dublin, Ireland

What’s on offer? An Airbnb style business offering people the chance to list any space at all, and connect with those who want to rent it. Launched this year, but so far has been a hit with the Dublin entrepreneurs. Very small, community-based company at the moment, hence you find it listed here.

Is it for me? Moving away from shop spaces to, well, any space at all. If your brand is quirky, and lends itself to squeezing into strange, and random empty spaces then this is great way to hit Dubln with your product.

Cost varies.



The Pop-Up Shop Project

What’s on offer? Danforth East Community Association has over 100 volunteers who give their time and skills to help fill vacant stores in the area. DECA helps connect tenants, landlords and organises community projects.

Is it for me? A truly local organisation, in the heart of the community, so if you have something to offer the local people get in touch. Suits start-up to stay-ups, as DECA will give you help and encouragement if you want to pursue longer leases.

Cost on application



Venice Pop Up Park, Los Angeles

What’s on offer? A community space for 9 months. Events, co-working, yoga and retail are all welcomed.

Is it for me? If you get in quick, and pitch your idea. Great for music/art/fitness/health. Be aware that if you run an event, you may need a permit from LA City Council, and although you can make a profit, all profits must be donated back into social projects/community.

Cost on application


Pop Up for Change, New York

What’s on offer? A programme of the 14th Street Y that brings together teens to transform urban spaces into vibrant pop-up restaurants, fashion boutiques, food trucks, supper clubs or makerspaces.

Is it for me? This one is all about pop-up making a difference, and engaging in social change. Perfect for fledging entrepreneurs on a mission.

Cost varies depending on projects.

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