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We welcome submissions from talented filmmakers and amazing pop-up projects from around the world and we want to feature you! 

We are looking for exciting stories, stunning locations and real people. So whether the subject is a food van in Sydney, a spice market in Spain, or a fashion show in the Seychelles, tell us about it…

If we do feature you on our TV channel we will also give you £20 towards your next project, because we’re nice like that, and we do like to encourage pop-up (did we mention that before?)










Like what you see?

Head over to the Pop-Up TV Channel to see more of our ‘Pop-Up’ video series.


A few tips…

Please keep your video short; 1- 2 mins max unless you are going for 5 min micro documentary and have a whole lot of interesting story to tell. We upload one short video every day, but just one 5 min micro documentary per week.

Complete our Contact Form and include a short biog about you and the project you have captured on film.

You can then upload the video via My Perfect Pop-Up Shop DropBox here (MP4 at 1080P)

Don’t forget to add a title and end page on your video telling us where it is filmed and who you are. Links to websites etc should be added on your end page.

Use the local scenery – we are looking for contrast, flavour and interest.

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How To… Price your Pop-Up Shop Products

 You can really go to town with your branding on price tags, but if you are on a budget stick to neat shaped brown or white card labels, punched with a shape (hearts/stars/balloons/faces) and tied with string or a coloured ribbon.


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